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I warmly welcome you to the official website of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN).

The PCN is a Federal Government  Agency established by Act 91 of 1992 (now Act CAP 17 LFN 2004) and charged with responsibility of regulating and controlling the education, training and practice of pharmacy in all aspects and ramifications, including the regulation of Pharmacy Technicians and Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors, in Nigeria.

The PCN have the broad mandate, amongst others, of:

a) determining the standards of knowledge and skills to be acquired by persons seeking to become members of the Pharmacy profession and reviewing those standards from time to time as circumstances may require;

b) securing, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of registers of persons entitled to practice as members of the profession and the publication from time to time, of lists of those persons;

c) reviewing and preparing from time to time, a statement as to the Code of Conduct which the Council considers desirable for the practice of the Pharmacy;

d) the Council inspects, approve and licence premises where pharmaceutical activities take place and these include Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Importation, Mega/State Drug Distribution centers, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail premises, Hospital Pharmacies and Patent and proprietary Medicines Vendors Licenses;

e) registering and issuing annual permits to Pharmacy Technicians; and

f) organizing Mandatory Continuing Professional  Development (MCPD) for Pharmacists.

This official website is designed to provide visitors with an up to date information on the programmes and activities of the Council. It will also give an up to date list of registered and licenced Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical premises, Pharmacy Technicians, licenced Patent and proprietary medicine vendors as well as annual permits issued. The website would provide answers to the frequently asked questions about the PCN.

Thank you all.

Pharm  NAE Mohammed, FPSN, FNIM
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