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The provisional registration of fresh graduates commences during the induction (oath taking) ceremony.  The PCN officer in attendance is expected to go along with the following documents:
 Form F for completion by inductees
 Oath certificates with names of inductees already type
 Certificates of provision registration (Form G) written and endorsed by the Registrar, permanent home addresses of the inductees are usually completed during the interactive session.  These certificates are sealed with the official seal
 Gift for best graduating student
Request for name of the best graduating student from the school’s dean, if not already sent to Council for the purpose of the plaque.  Apart from the plaque, the student is also awarded a cash prize of N5,000.00 and books worth N5,000.00.
 Files of pharmacists who have met the requirements for full registration are forwarded to the full registration unit from  the provisional registration unit.
 All the files are re-assessed to ensure that the requirements are met:
 Application for provisional registration (Form F) with the appropriate fee
 Photocopy of oath certificate
 Photocopy of certificate of provisional registration (Form G)
 Photocopy of school result and certificate of birth
 Original copy of application to commence internship training programme (Form F/2)
 Original copy of certificate of experience (Form D) from PCN accredited internship centre.  The date of commencement of training on the Form D must tarry with that on the Form F/2 and the training must have lasted for 12 calendar months
 Completed application to register as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (Form C) with the appropriate fee
 Application for retention of name in the register (with the appropriate fee) for the current year.
Pharmacists seeking to register new premises are expected to forward the following documents:
 Application for registration of new premises
 Completed forms B and J
 Certificate of Incorporation
 Memorandum and Article of Association
 Certified True Copy of Form Co7 showing the name of the Pharmacist Director
 Appropriate fee in bank draft
 Inspection report (From DPS or PIC)
 Current Annual Licence to practice of Pharmacist Director
 Letter of resignation and acceptance of resignation from former employer of Pharmacist it previously employed
 Particulars of first Directors of Company
 NYSC discharge Certificate for new pharmacist
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