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1. Preamble

Service Charters are the operation day – to – day guides for the implement of service Compact with the Nigerian citizens upon which the teeming populace can populace can expect improved, efficient, transparent and quality service delivery.

2. Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN)

Pharmacists council of Nigeria is a Federal government parastatal established by Act 91 of 1992 and charged with the responsibility of controlling and regulating pharmacy profession in all aspects and ramifications.

3. Vision

To create an enabling and regulated environment for the provision of quality pharmaceutical services for sustainable health care delivery.

4. Mission

To effectively regulate and control the training and practice of pharmaceutical services provider through the instrumentality of capacity building. 

5. Beneficiaries (Clients)

  1. Pharmacists
  2. Pharmaceutical premises (pharmaceutical Manufactures, Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers and retailers
  3. Pharmacy Technicians  
  4. Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors Licence (PPMVL) Holders
  5. General Public

6. Services 

6.1  The mandate of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria as specified in PCN Act 91 of 1991 consists of the following components:

  1. Determining the standards of knowledge and skills, to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the pharmacy profession and reviewing those standards from time to time as circumstances may require.
  2. Securing in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the establishment and maintenance of registers of persons entitled to practice as members of the profession and the publication from time to time of lists of such persons.
  3. Reviewing and preparing from time to time, a statement as to the code of conduct which the Council considers desirable for the practice of the pharmacy profession.
  4. Regulating and controlling the practice of the profession in all its aspects and ramifications.
  5. Performing such other functions as may be required of the council under this Act.

6.2  Modus Operandi

(1) These function are being driven through the instrumentality of the Governing Council appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria under Section 3 of PCN Act 91 of 1992.

  1. While the Registry which has the Registry which have the Registrar & Secretary to the Governing Council Council as the Head /Chief Executive, carries out implementation of Governing Council’s decision;
  2. The Registry comprises the Head Office with 7 Departments and 3 Units; and 8 Zonal Offices which supervise the State Offices across 35 States of the Federation.
7.  Covenants
  1. PCN is guided by the concept of prompt and quality service delivery .All officials /staff embraces this concept in their conduct and dealings with colleagues, clientele and the general Public. Responses to within officer (s) .Also no officer will leave a fill unattended to beyond the stipulated time frame unless otherwise necessary. Matters pertaining to Adhoc be handled with utmost diligence within by the prevailing circumstances.
  2. The Head Office/ Registry opens from 8.00 4.00p.m. Monday to Friday except on Public Holidays. Staff are often encouraged to work beyond the official hours as situation demands. Same applies to the Zonal and State Offices of the PCN throughout the Federation.
8.  Expectations from the Clients Clients
Clients are expected to:
  1. submit in writing all requests that require prompt attention of the registry.
  2. Show understanding for some of the constraints within which the registry operates.
  3.  Provide all necessary information the registry may require to facilitate timely processing of their requests/ complaints; and
  4. Provide feedback to the registrar for regular assessment/evaluation of the service delivery mechanism.
  5. To comply strictly with guidelines provided by the Council for Registration, Accreditation, Inspection, and Monitoring which may be reviewed by the Council from time to time.
9.  Expectations from the staff
Staff of the Registry are expected to exhibit the following qualities among other sterling attributes in the discharge of their official obligations
  1. Diligence
  2. Friendliness
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Etiquette
  5. Transparency
  6. Accountability and
  7. Commitment to professional service delivery.
10.  Expectation from the Government
The Registry expects from the government robust policy framework/financial support to foster efficiency and effectiveness in its professional regulatory.
11.  Grievance Reporting Procedure
Whenever service delivery fails to meet expectations, a client may seek redress in any turn stimulate quality service delivery.
  1. Complain through the office suggestion box.
  2. Lodge grievances accordingly with the service desk officer in any PCN Office nearest to the petitioner in order to facilitate the solving of any problems forthwith.
  3. The Registrar of PCN
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