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Foreign Pharmacy Graduates Programme     Application form

A “Foreign Pharmacy Graduate” is a Pharmacist whose undergraduate pharmacy degree was conferred by a recognized school of pharmacy outside Nigeria. Foreign nationals who graduate from schools in Nigeria are not inclusive in this programme. To be registered in Nigeria, a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate is expected to forward first, a written application for participation in the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP) and thereafter, a completed application form with relevant documents.

NOTE: Applicants are advised to obtain a copy of the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP) manual for further details. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all required supporting   documents are submitted and received in a timely manner.

Application Procedure

An applicant must complete and submit a current application form each time he or she applies for the FPGOP, regardless of whether applications have been submitted in the past. The Registry will notify each candidate directly in writing, regarding the status of his or her application including any deficiencies. Applicant’s name, as it appears on the application form, must be used in all communications with the PCN. If all requirements are satisfactorily met, the candidate will receive a letter of acceptance for the FPGOP.


The Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP) will henceforth be held in two (02) cycles. The First Cycle comes yearly between March and April while the Second Cycle comes between August and September.


The programme runs for six (06) weeks, comprising of four (04) weeks of lectures, practicals, hospital and field visitations, one (01) week of revision and one (01) week of examinations.


The Second Cycle of the 2017 Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme will be held at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan, OyoState, Nigeria.


The cost of participation in the programme is $900 at exchange rate of $1 = N350 (N315,000.00) excluding feeding and accommodation. All payments shall be made in the name of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria via remita platform (visit: www.remita.net).         

Intending participants who are based abroad can make payments using the accounts details below:

PCN Domiciliary Account:

Account Name: CBN-Pharmacists Council of Nigeria
USD Account No: 0101270311450
Banker: Standard Chartered Bank, UK Limited
IBAN No: GB57SCBL60910412703114

Mailing Address: pcnig@yahoo.ca

All completed Applications Forms MUST reach the PCN Head Office Abuja on or before 30th July 2017. Late applications will not be accepted.

Candidate Should Note

  1. Success at FPGOP examination is not a license to practice pharmacy.
  2. Those who pass the examination will proceed for the twelve months continuous internship programme after which they will be eligible for registration. However, those who have evidence of registration in their country of training will be granted registration in line with laid down procedures.

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