Enhancing skills in the process of providing pharmaceutical care.


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The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) is designed to update the knowledge of pharmacists, and enable them keep abreast of advancements in pharmaceutical development and modern trends in pharmacy. This is to enhance their skills in the process of providing pharmaceutical care.

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Internship Training Programme

The internship training programme is a compulsory one (1)- year continuous training of fresh Pharmacy graduates, under registered Pharmacist (Preceptor), in the Council-approved internship training centre.

Registration as a Pharmacist is granted to a person only after the successful completion of the internship training programme.

In Pursuant to section 1 (i) (a) and as provided under Section 11 (a) (iii) of the PCN Decree 91 of 1992.

The internship training programme is designed to:

  1. Introduce fresh Pharmacy graduates to the practice of the profession;
  2. Teach fresh graduates to apply academic knowledge in the practice of Pharmacy;
  3. Train graduates to become good Pharmacists by avoiding the formation of bad professional habits;
  4. Provide an opportunity for fresh graduates to perform all the skills and functions of their profession, under close supervision, thereby improving such skills and helping them to acquire sufficient confidence and competence to practice safely on their own after the internship training period;
  5. Develop the ability to communicate clearly with members of the public and allied professions;
  6. Give graduates an appreciation of the need to continually improve their competence, through experience and continuing education throughout their professional career; and
  7. Impart the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for optimal; performance as a pharmacist.

Foreign Pharmacy Graduates

The Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation programme (FPGOP) is a programme designed exclusively for Nigerians whose undergraduate degree was conferred by a recognized School of Pharmacy outside Nigeria.

The Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation programme (FPGOP) operates under the auspices of the PCN in partial fulfillment of the requirements for registration as a Pharmacist in Nigeria as provided in sections 1(i) (a), 11 and 12 of the PCN Act CAP P17 LFN 2004.

The FPGOP seeks to:

  • Test the knowledge of the graduates on pharmacy generally;
  • Train foreign pharmacy graduates in the laws and ethics governing the practice of Pharmacy in Nigeria;
  • Acquaint the graduates with the realities of the state of pharmacy practice in the country and
  • Fill the gaps in the graduates’ knowledge of tropical diseases and medicines.

The programme runs for two cycles annually between April/May and August/September for both regular and online programmes. The regular programme is for fresh pharmacy graduates and it lasts for six (6) weeks while the online programme is for practicing pharmacists who must have spent five (5) years post-registration practice experience and it runs for three (3) weeks.  Update on FPGOP Programme

FPGOP Application Form  

Pre-registration Examination for Pharmacists (PEP)

The Pre-registration Examination for Pharmacists (PEP)  is designed strictly for pharmacists who have completed the one (1) year internship training programme in only PCN accredited Centre and serves as a precondition for registration and practice of pharmacy in Nigeria.

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) is empowered by the PCN Act, CAP P17 LFN 2004 to determine among other functions the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the Pharmacy profession. Pursuant to the above mandate, the Governing Council of PCN at its 39th Regular Meeting of May 21, 2015, approved the Report of the Ad hoc Committee on Pre-Registration Examination for Fresh Pharmacy Graduates, who have completed the twelve-month mandatory internship training prior to seeking full registration to practice pharmacy in Nigeria. The Pre-Registration Examination for Pharmacists is a Quality Assurance tool geared to standardize Pharmacy training and practice in Nigeria.

The objective of the pre-registration examination is to ascertain that those who have undertaken the internship training programme have acquired the requisite knowledge, attitudes and skills to practice pharmacy in Nigeria without endangering Public Health.

The PEP runs for two (2) cycles in a year, March and October. Registration for PEP is online for participants who have evidence of completion of the statutory one (1) year internship training programme in only PCN accredited Centre. The examination is strictly a Computer-Based Test.


Pharmacy Technician Training

The Pharmacy Technician Training Programme is a three (3) years programme, at the end of which students take the National Pre-Certification Examination (NPCE), which qualifies them to practice in the country. The PCN regulates the training and practice of Pharmacy Technicians which is a recognized sub cadre in the Pharmacy Profession. The PCN develop the training curriculum and also accredit Colleges/Schools of Health Technology for the training.

Section 1(1) (a) provides that the PCN is empowered to determine the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the Pharmacy Profession.

Pharmacy Technicians are licensed health care providers who perform pharmacy-related functions, generally working under the supervision of registered pharmacists.

In line with the directive of Council, the Pharmacy Technician Training Curriculum was reviewed in 2017 to incorporate basic science courses taught at the 100 Level in the University that would qualify Pharmacy Technicians, on graduation for direct entry to read Pharmacy in the Universities.