Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Education and Training Department

1What is Pre Re-Registration Examination For Pharmacists?
Abbreviated as PEP is a PCN organise and supervise examination for Pharmacy graduate upon successfully completing their one (1) year mandatory internship programme, before they will be fully registered to practice Pharmacy in Nigeria usually held twice in a year 3rd Saturday of March and October every year in some selected centres across the country.
2What is Foreign Trained Orientation Programme?
Abbreviated as FPGOP is a PCN programme organise for Pharmacy graduate who trained abroad and citizens of Nigeria, before they are registered to practice Pharmacy in Nigeria, it usually held two times a year for 6 weeks between March to April (First Circle) and July to August (Second Circle) every year in a selected host Pharmacy school.
3What is National Pre-Certification Examination For Pharmacy Technician?
Abbreviated as NPCE is a PCN organise and supervise examination for graduate of Colleges/School of Health Technologies after successfully completing their 3 years training as Pharmacy Technician before being they will be registered to Practice as Pharmacy Technician in Nigeria.
4What is Indexing?
This is assigning of numbers to Pharmacy Student and Pharmacy Technician student by PCN after satisfying the PCN requirement for admission to study Pharmacy or Pharmacy Technician.
5How Can I Register for PEP?
Register for PEP online by visiting registration closes 2 weeks to the date slated for every exams.
6How can I Register for FPGOP?
Register for FPGOP by visiting any of the PCN State offices and Zonal office nationwide where u can access the FPGOP manual and form for registration after paying prescribe fee for registration.
7What happens if i fail any PCN organise examination?
You are advised to take the examination again
8Where can I undertake a Pharmacy Internship programme?
Internship can be done only in a PCN accredited internship center
9Can I start Internship and suspend it for another thing?
No internship can only be done continuously without a break
10Who is qualified for the Pharmacist Internship programme?
Only Pharmacy graduate of accredited Pharmacy in Nigeria Inducted by PCN and participants who are successful at the PCN FPGOP without evidence of licensure in the country of training a and are Inducted by PCN
11Why must I take the Pharmacist oath?
The Pharmacist oath transform a Pharmacy graduate to a full pledge professional.