Pharmacy practice in Nigeria is regulated by Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN). It is a Federal Government parastatal established by Act 91 of 1992 (Cap P17 LFN 2004) charged with the responsibility for regulating and controlling Pharmacy Education, Training and Practice in all aspects and ramifications.

Pursuant to this, the PCN is responsible for registration and licensure of all Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Premises (Manufacturing, Importation, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Hospital Pharmacies) as well as issuance of Permit to Pharmacy Technicians and registration and Licensure of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors.

  • Disposal of poison book
  • Pharmacy and Drug laws book
  • 4 - Part Compendium HARD or SOFT cover
  • Pharmacy Technician Manual
  • Code of Ethics For Pharmacists
  • Registration procedure
  • Pharmacy Technician Manual
  • Code Of Ethics For Pharmacists
  • Registration procedure
  • Establishment of PCN (Decree 91)
  • PPMVL Lecture Note
  • Manual For Inspectors