Registration as a Pharmacist


Procedures and Guidelines

Full Registration as a Pharmacist

After the completion of the Internship Training, the pharmacist seeking the full registration shall forward the following documents to the Registrar of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria:

  • Duly filled Form D (Certificate of Experience);
  • Form C (application for registration as a pharmacist);
  • Form J-application for retention of name in the Register;
  • Prescribed fees in bank draft payable to the Council.

After the processing, the applicant shall be considered for full registration if found fit and proper and shall be sent the      following:

  • Certificate of Registration as a Pharmacist - Form E;
  • First Annual Licence to practice as a Registered Pharmacist - Form H

Provisional Registration of Nigerian Trained Pharmacists

  • A fresh pharmacy graduate from institution approved by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, after being inducted, shall apply to the Registrar for provisional registration.
  • At such induction ceremony, which is organized by the Dean of Faculty or School of Pharmacy, the Registrar of the Council shall be invited to administer the Pharmacist’s oath on the graduating pharmacists;
  • To be considered for Provisional Registration, the following documents shall be submitted to the Registrar:
    • A completed Form F duly endorsed By the Dean of School/Faculty of Pharmacy attended by the applicant;
    • Pharmacist’s Oath (Photocopy) signed by the applicant; and the Dean,
    • Statement of Result;
    • Two passport photographs of the applicant authenticated by the Dean;
    • The prescribed fee in Bank Draft payable to the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria; and
    • Birth Certificate or sworn affidavit of age declaration

Registration of Foreign-Trained Pharmacist Graduate

A “Foreign-Trained Graduate” is a pharmacist whose undergraduate pharmacy degree was conferred by a recognized school of pharmacy outside Nigeria. Foreign nationals who graduate from schools in Nigeria are not inclusive in this programme.

  • To be registered in Nigeria, a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate is expected to forward first, a written application for participation in the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP) and thereafter, a completed application form with relevant documents.

Note: Applicants are advised to obtain a copy of the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP) manual for further details.

  • It is the applicant responsibility to make sure that all the required supporting documents are submitted and received in a timely manner.

Application for Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Orientation Programme (FPGOP)

  • An applicant must complete and submit a current form each time he or she applies for the FPGOP, regardless of whether applications have been submitted in the past.
  • The Registry will notify each candidate directly in writing, regarding the status of his or her application including any deficiency (ies).
  • Applicant’s name, as it appears on the application form must be used in all communications with PCN.
  • If all requirements are satisfactorily met, the candidate will receive letter of acceptance for the FPGOP.

Time, Duration, Cost and Venue:

  • The Programme shall normally hold between August and September of every year.
  • The duration of the FPGOP will be five weeks comprising of four (4) weeks of lectures, practicals, hospital and field visitations and one week of examinations.
  • The cost of the programme is $600.00 or its Naira equivalent. The fees are subject to review without notice.
  • The venue is usually rotated among the accredited faculty of Pharmacy in Nigerian Universities.

Candidate should Note

  • Success of FPGOP examination is not a license to practice pharmacy
  • Those who pass the examination will proceed for the twelve months continuous internship programme after which they will be eligible for registration. However, those who have evidence of registration in their country of training will be granted registration in line with laid down procedures.

Registration for Non-Nigerian Pharmacist

A person who is not a citizen of Nigeria may be registered as a pharmacist under this decree if the country which he is a citizen or national, as the case may be, grants reciprocal registration facilities to             Nigeria.

  • he holds a qualification approved by the Council;
  • he has passed the Council’s examination in Law and Ethics governing the practice of pharmacy in Nigeria and such other examinations as the Council may prescribe and before being registered acquired the required experience in accordance with Section II (i) (a) of this Act;
  • he has been resident in Nigeria for not less than twelve (12) calendar months immediately proceeding the date of his application for registration.

Pharmacists Internship Training Programme

After provisional registration, a pharmacist wishing to be fully registered must undergo a compulsory twelve calendar month Internship Programme in an institution approved by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria for that purpose. This is in compliance with the provisions of Section II (i) (b) (iii) of the Pharmacists Council Nigeria Act 91 of 1992

The following conditions shall be met for Internship Training            Programme:

  • The internee shall at point of induction (oath-taking) obtain a copy of the internship training manual logbook for detailed guidelines;
  • The application shall be made in Form F/2 in triplicate. One copy shall be forwarded to the Registrar of the Council within six (6) weeks of the commencement of internship through the Director of Pharmaceutical Services (DPS); one copy shall be kept by the DPS and one copy shall be kept with the internship centre.
  • The applicant must ensure that the institution where he wishes to undergo the Internship Training is approved by the council for that purpose;
  • Every institution approved for Internship Training shall:
    • be inspected by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria from time to tome to ensure compliance with laid down standards;
    • furnish such information as may be required by the Council with the personnel, facilities and adequacy of the approved premises for purpose of the pre-registration of internship training.
  • The scope of practical training (general) which intern pharmacists are expected to undertake shall include:

Scope of Training: General

The internee is expected to undertake practical training in the following areas during the programme:

  • Manipulation of pharmaceutical equipment in common use;
  • Recognition by characters of crude drugs and chemical substances used in medicines;
  • Manufacture of galenicals and preparation/manufacture of medical products;
  • Reading, translation and copying of prescriptions including the checking of prescribed doses (evaluation of prescription);
  • Dispensing (Filling of prescription);
  • Proper storage of drugs and medical products;
  • Drug store management;
  • The use of common reference books in the practice of pharmacy;
  • Pharmacy management;
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the supervising pharmacist including rural posting of not more than three months were necessary;
  • A knowledge of keeping of records required by the Poison and Pharmacy Act, dangerous Drugs Act and the Food and Drugs Act 1974 and any other relevant legislation in respect of pharmacy practice;
  • Patient medication profile and patient counseling;

Record of Training

  • The internee shall use the log book for keeping record of his work and such record shall be regularly inspected and signed by the Supervising Registered Pharmacist and the Director of Pharmaceutical Services of the State is to complete the DPS comment form.
  • A representative of the Council shall have the right to inspect the record at any reasonable time, and at the end of the training, the detachable DPS comment form shall be submitted to the Council as evidence of successful completion of programme.

Certificate of Experience

On completion of the practical training, a Certificate of Experience (Form D) shall be signed by the Council recognized Intern Preceptor who shall be in good standing with Council and possess a minimum of 5-years post  NYSC working experience.